Smartphone Video Skills

Smartphone Video Skills


Fee:€150 per person
Minimum participants:4
Date and time:TBC
Duration:8.5 hours over three weeks


If you own a smartphone and want to create excellent video content, then this workshop is ideal for you! Learn how to create your own professional video content when you sign up for our intensive three-week video online workshop!


The course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about professional filming with the mobile phone or tablet, with content delivery spread across three weeks. As a participant, you will have adequate time to complete assignments, as we take you through everything from optimising video quality and lighting control to improving quality and stabilising videos.


Week one 3 hoursWeek two 3 hoursWeek three 2.5 hours
We will guide you through the three-stage production process from:
Pre-ProductionProductionPost- Production
Whether you are a school student or a small business owner, by the end of the course you will have the skills needed to plan, shoot and edit your own professional content. If you are looking to grow your audience, increase your reach and improve the quality of your video content, this smartphone video workshop will equip you with the skills you need.
If you are already experienced in videography or have completed other video training workshops, you may benefit from one of our bespoke video workshops. To find our more about our range of video workshops, please contact our team today.


What will you learn?

The Fundamentals of video production
PlanShootContent ManagementEditExport

Course Curriculum

Day 01: Pre-Production
  • An overview of basic equipment to get you started
  • Technical video information
  • Planning your shoot, creating a video brief
  • Different types of video content
Camera setup
  • Smartphone setting
  • Best settings and video formats for social media
  • The different types of audios
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Level checks
  • Using natural light
  • Three-point lighting techniques
  • Using reflectors
  • Shoot plan and record
Day 02: Production
Assignment review
  • Shoot plan and video review
  • Composition- rule of thirds
  • Different camera angles
  • Focus
  • Camera moves
  • Interview setup
  • Presenting tips
  • B-roll (Visuals)
  • Sound bites
  • Sound effects
  • Video demonstration
  • Record interview
Day 03:Post- Production
Media Management
  • File storage
  • Organise files
  • Choosing music
  • Music subscription sites
  • Working with editing software
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Building timelines with b-roll (cutaways)
  • Repositioning shots
  • Video effects
  • Adding name titles
  • Adding text boxes
  • Adding sound effects
  • Adding music
  • Export formats

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