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Video Production

Here at Leaning Tree Media, we offer a full range of video production packages, so that your business can create powerful, inspiring content which effectively showcases your brand. As a professional team, we will take care of everything from the initial concepts and script production through to the videography, graphics and editing. This ensures that when you choose Leaning Tree Media, you will benefit from video content which educates, empowers, and engages your target audience.


We specialise in several different video types, so you can be sure that we will create video content that successfully positions your brand in front of your target customers. Our video production services consist of:

Whatever industry you operate in, here at Leaning Tree Media we can produce the video style you need, and we have experience in sectors such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, heath, retail, food, construction, schools, and even with organisational state bodies.

From the initial design within the pre-production stage through to final delivery of your video content, you will benefit from a bespoke experience, professional knowledge, and our sector specific experience. To complement our video production services, we also offer a bank of both male and female voiceover artists, alongside casting actors, presenters, and even video training workshops.

Whatever your requirements, we guarantee to bring your story to life, and we are always available to discuss your video production needs. To talk through your ideas for a video production project, please contact our team today.

To complement your business video, we offer a bank of both male and female voiceover artists along with casting actors and presenters for your productions.


A corporate video is an excellent tool for every business, as they will help to connect your target customers with your brand. By showcasing your company, your values and introducing your team members, those watching the video will be able to experience the genuine nature of your business and put a face to a name.

By delivering clear, effective branded video content which gives your customers an insight into your business, you will be effectively positioned as a trustworthy, genuine, and knowledgeable company. Naturally, we all prefer to do business with real people, and video content is your chance to boost your reputation and grow your audience.

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Case Study

These powerful videos  allow you to showcase how your business will help its customers. We can effectively capture your satisfied customers stories with thought provoking case studies and testimonials. These videos include feedback from your previous customers, whilst allowing them to explain how your business was able to meet their exact requirements. By involving existing customers in the sale of your product/service, their passion and trust for your business will be effectively portrayed to your target audience, and you can be sure that they will take notice of the excellent service you are capable of providing. Our team will effectively capture their happiness, trust, and faith in your business, so that your potential customers are persuaded to use your services.

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A promotional video is a great way to communicate with consumers and share information about your latest product or services. They generally involve an experienced team member delivering precise technical information about your product or service, that is designed to connect with your target audience emotionally, whilst engaging, entertaining, and effectively driving sales through the power of story.

This is your chance to showcase your business, your products, and your services, so that you can impress potential customers and demonstrate the benefits your business provides. Whether you are looking to launch a new service, promote your business, or introduce your team, the potential is endless with engaging video content.

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A demonstration video is a clever way to explain to customers how your product or service works. In comparison to lengthy sections of text and potentially confusing images, a product video effectively demonstrates your products in an interactive and innovative way. A demo video will eliminate the need to read long paragraphs, through the use of informative and engaging videos which are capable of unpacking complex concepts. Whatever industry you operate in, our explainer videos are a wonderful communication tool. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a product demonstration video will quickly engage your target audience and compel them to make a purchase or contact you for further information. This is a great opportunity for your business to build trust as the market leader.

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As a full-service video production company, we can assist with every stage of your event video production. Our experienced crew know exactly how to capture the best moments, and we will create a finished video which showcases the event and your business in the best light possible, so that you can show the world its success. An event video is an extremely important marketing tool for businesses, as they have the ability to capture emotions and feelings between those attending an event. For example, effectively capturing an event speech, will help you to maximise the potential of your event after the day through an excellent marketing strategy.

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A team member training video is an effective way to educate and train your team members, especially as the majority of us are visual learners. Imagine being able to pause, rewind and play your important training information at the touch of a button, with content that is much more engaging than a lengthy document. Our popular training videos are a cost-efficient tool for businesses and as the content can be available 24/7, it also eliminates the need for team members to travel to training sessions. Whether you are looking to create a simple demonstration, provide step by step instructions or simplify a complex tutorial, our team training videos will be memorable, engaging, and effective.

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Animation videos allow you to showcase information in an engaging way, where live videos or text are unable to. These videos will allow you to break free from traditional video limitations, and our team can generate exciting videos which effectively deliver your complex messages. The eye-catching graphics can be used within motion graphics, whiteboard style animations, and explainer videos, the possibilities really are endless. Animation allows you to create, explain and entertain in a way which is ideal for more complex content. Whether you are looking to create different characters which bring a story to life or evoke feelings of nostalgia, our team will turn your ideas into a reality.

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A 3D virtual walkthrough, or virtual tour, is designed to provide a simulation of a location or concept. As an immersive, spatially accurate and interactive experience, these videos give the viewer full visibility of a physical space. If you are looking to grab and hold the viewers’ attention, build interest in a venue, location, showroom or facility, our 3D virtual walkthrough videos are ideal. These popular videos are used across multiple sectors throughout Ireland, as a fully customisable form of content. Our team can add new or existing hyperlinked content, including video, audio, images, brochures, e-commerce links. This flexibility ensures 3D virtual videos are a powerful and versatile digital marketing tool. Not only can these videos be accessed globally through a simple link, but they can also be embedded within a website for complete flexibility.

Video Production Stages


  • Script preparation
  • Storyboard development
  • Casting talent/voiceovers
  • Location visit (where possible)
  • Shot list
  • Talking heads question overview
  • Equipment required


  • Shoot location backdrop setup
  • Lighting and sound setup
  • Camera setup
  • Interview setup
  • Directing
  • Recording sound effects
  • Capturing b-roll(visuals)


  • Logging raw material
  • Video editing
  • Voiceover editing
  • Colour correction
  • Music bed selection
  • Text animation
  • Supporting graphics
  • Video formatting
  • Reviews
  • Final delivery