Bespoke Courses
Online & Onsite

Bespoke Courses
Online & Onsite





Leaning Tree Media offers a wide range of bespoke training packages, which are designed to provide the personalised training you need to produce high-quality professional video content.


When you take part in a bespoke Leaning Tree Media workshop, you will benefit from a completely flexible course which can be delivered online or onsite, with a length and level of depth to suit your exact requirements. We understand that in many situations a one size fits all approach to video production workshops is not always the best solution, so whatever your budget, industry or experience level, our team will create a bespoke workshop which is completely tailored to you.


The following are just some examples of those who may benefit from our bespoke video training:

  • You have mastered the art of shooting footage on your phone, and you now want to take it a step further. We can teach you how to film content on your camcorder or DSLR, using manual settings that will elevate your skill set to a whole new level.
  • You have found a new passion for video editing and want to dive deeper into learning how to create video content like the professionals, and how to use industry standard software.
  • Your company sales teams would like to learn basic camera skills to capture footage when out on site, which can then be fed back to your company’s social media sites.
  • If the above examples sound much too complex, do not worry. We can create a course that will teach you the real basics of how to shoot and edit videos using your smartphone.

Whether you are looking for online course delivery via Zoom or an in-person training course, we can provide the flexible solution you need. For example, we can travel to your company location and deliver a full day of live practical training. During the course of the day, we will create content that can go directly onto your social media platforms, so that you instantly see the benefit of your new skills.

Email us today to find out how we can help you create a course that suits your needs best, so that we can get you started on your video creation journey.

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