What we Do

Video Production

Leaning Tree Media offer a full video production package with the intention to showcase your brand whilst educating and empowering your audiences.

We specialise in several different video types to help delivery your business message.

Our portfolio consists

Leaning Tree Media produce varies video types within many sectors such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, heath, retail, food, construction, schools, and state bodies.

A corporate company/brand

video is an excellent tool to connect with your customer by showcasing your company and its values. A brand video is a great opportunity to introduce your team members. It puts a face to a name and allows your audience to experience the genuine nature of your business and what is has to offer.
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Video Production Stages

A Testimonial/ Case study

video is probably one of the most powerful video types for your company’s brand. It involves existing customers selling a product/service for you, by portraying passion and trust for your product or service. Your potential customer will then imagine they will experience the same feeling. A testimonial video will showcase a customer’s story, the problem they had and how your product or service has made a positive impact in their life.
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A Promotional video

is a great way to communicate with consumers and share information about your latest product or services. It generally involves your or an experienced team member delivering precise technical information about your product or service that will connect with your target audience emotionally which in return drives sales.
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A Demonstration video

is a clever way to indirect promote your product or service whilst explaining to costumers how your product or services works in an interactive and innovative way. A demo video can eliminate the need to read long paragraphs on how the product or service works by offering a lot more information in a shorter period through video. They can also help business build trust with their target audience as they are seeing to be helping solve a problem.
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An Event video

is extremely important for an events success because it has the ability to capture the interaction with the speaker and audience creating an emotional connection with your target audience. The best thing about an event video is that it creates a large amount of marketing material for future promotional videos and events.
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A Team Member Training video

is an effective way to educate and train your team members. The information is easily retained when team members can visualise the material as opposed to imagining it. It is a cost efficient method and the content can be available 24/7. It also eliminates team members having to travel to the company premises for long days of training.
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An Animation/ Explainer video

is an excellent way to showcase your business story more comprehensively by bringing ideas to life where live videos or text are unable. Animation allows you to create different characters that have the capability to become superhero’s if your story concept requires them to. The most powerful aspect of animation is the ability to create emotions of nostalgic where we associate cartoons from happy periods of our childhood.
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A 3D virtual

walkthrough is more than what is commonly known as a virtual tour (a simulation of a location or concept) It is an immersive, spatially accurate and interactive experience that gives the viewer full visibility of your physical space on a web connected device as if being physically there. It grabs the viewers attention meaning less scrolling past, builds their interest in your venue, showroom or facility and can be customised with additional new or existing hyperlinked content including video, audio, images, brochures, e-commerce links etc. making them a powerful and versatile digital marketing tool. The 3D virtual walkthrough is easily accessed globally by means of a simple link or can be embedded within a website. They are used across multiple sectors and can have public or restricted access.

To complement your business video, we offer a bank of both male and female voiceover artists along with casting actors and presenters for your productions.

Video Production Stages


  • Script preparation
  • Storyboard development
  • Casting talent/voiceovers
  • Location recce (where possible)
  • Shot list
  • Talking heads question overview
  • Equipment required


  • Shoot location backdrop setup
  • Lighting and sound setup
  • Camera setup
  • Interview setup
  • Directing
  • Recording sound effects
  • Capturing b-roll(visuals)


  • Logging raw material
  • Video editing
  • Voiceover editing
  • Colour correction
  • Music bed selection
  • Text animation
  • Supporting graphics
  • Video formatting
  • Reviews
  • Final delivery